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We've all got mental fitness...
Let's start looking after it.


Thanks for visiting, I hope I can be of service in some way… And that some way is probably helping you move up the mental health continuum and become mentally fitter.

The best ways to do that are to;
Join my ‘Basic Reset Program‘. It’s a completely free, email-based program that teaches you why and how to get mentally fitter.

Or you can buy one of my books, they’re very helpful too…

Or follow me on Instagram, I pretty much only write about how to live more awesome.

In my travels, I tend to learn and find and create some really interesting things that can help people to live more awesome. If you’d like me to send them to you on occasion (every two to three weeks) then sign up to the Sporadic Periodical Newsletter here.

What I love to do most though is talk to lots of people at a time, so if you need an amazingly entertaining, funny, professional speaker who deals with the issues of mental health and self-improvement then please have a look here or pass it on to your HR or Events Manager.

If you need anything else, please get in touch.

jimi has a really powerful
message to convey around mental health, which he does unbelievably well.

Sir Stephen Tindall - Founder of The Warehouse Group

recent thoughts...

INSIDE OUT Podcast with Jimi Hunt

This is an ad for a non-existent podcast…

People have been telling me to do one forever, I’ve been saying I’ll do one forever and if you keep pestering me then one should magically appear right here in the near future.